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    29 Jun 2022

    Could have been better

    Very hit and miss from the start, think lack of communication and several different fitters made it a not so happy experience.
    Darren Field
    04 Apr 2022

    Disappointing communications.

    The most positive aspect is the finished product but the process of getting there was difficult to say the least. There were several accidents/problems and although they were eventually corrected, the communication between the office, ourselves and the contractors was very poor. We were given dates for work to take place, when no-one turned up and although this was to be expected due to the pandemic, there was no contact from the office to advise us of this, meaning we stayed in all day expecting someone to turn up when they did not. In discussion with a director from 5 star, he did explain that they are going through an expansion phase and were making system improvements. There was also some goodwill shown to us due to acceptable deviations from the contract. However, we would recommended using 5-star based on the finished product but they certainly need to improve their management systems.
    Roy Price
    16 Feb 2022

    I don't expect I will win the £500 monthly prize draw BUT

    I ordered my new front door with the 5 Star sales representative on August 11th 2021.
    My front door was expected within 12 weeks latest.
    The door was in stock but the door trims were not so I felt it wise to wait a little longer so that the job could be completed in one go (I was being a fair minded customer as it also save 2 trips of 40 minutes each way for 5 Star.
    Lucas the guy I spoke to assured me he would keep in contact. The due date arrived for fitting only for Lucas to tell me the trims were not in stock (Odd because we had booked it for when they had arrived)
    So we book another date. This time I phone Lucas to check, no the trims are not there again although they had been ordered they seemed to have disappeared!
    We try again, the door is finally fitted on December 16th but no door trims!
    The fitter re-orders them. I refuse to pay the full amount until the trims are fitted but my contract states I must pay all but a very small part of it. I am introduced to Craig Iddles who assures me he will sort things.
    Next date when trims should be fitted all arranged via Craig no one can come because a lot of the staff have corona virus including Craig Iddles. I wonder if I had not phoned to check that morning if anyone was actually going to let me know that 5 Star were not coming.
    January 2022 Craig assures me he has the trims in stock and sends 2 guys to fii them, guess what the wrong colour trims have been ordered ( apparently)each time
    We try again Lucas assures me that he will personally oversee that the trims are in stock and that my call is the first call (I have to work and have already lost 3 x half days waiting in for this job to be done and each time it has been cancelled or as in the last time the wrong colour item brought out.
    The guys arrive , first call is meant to be between 8.30 am and 10.30am it is now nearly 12 noon I had to phone yet again to ask where they were! They fit them, two nice guys working quickly. I pointed out a bulge where the trim was not stuck down firmly he assured me it was fine. I pay my final amount having been given a £50 discount for all of the half days I have lost , the long wait since door fitting to trim completion, and the general mess up. £50 is all Craig is allowed to offer for such circumstances. So much for customer consideration.
    This morning at 9am Paul comes to sort the issue. He does not stick the door trim where it is bulging he just add
    24 hours later I send Craig a picture of the bulged area that of course did not stick. Craig organises Paul to call and fix it.
    at 9am Paul comes to sort the issue. He does not stick the door trim where it is bulging he just added some more sealant over the bulge area.
    I concede that I have to give up on this and accept it as it is a bodged finish. The door fitting itself is good the door is great. The customer service and waiting and poor finishing does no justice to the quality of the door itself.
    I was brought to tears of frustration by this whole farce to complete a job that should have been so simple. I think that staff do not follow through or check properly that what is ordered is correct or keep promises to the customer even though they are always polite. I worked in sales for many years and there was always one person following through from start to finish on a job ensuring stupid things that I have described above did not mar the customer experience. It would be wise if 5 Star took up this policy in their company
    Cathie Green
    10 Feb 2022

    Construction of new conservatory

    While we have eventually ended up with the product we wanted and to the standard expected, the process of getting there has been long, frustrating and full of problems.

    During the building phase (floor and walls) the builder arrived with the wrong plans completely. On the second day, he had been given our plans but these were still wrong. It took our intervention and a visit from 5 Star's Technical Manger to sort out what was to be built. However, this meant that the builder had to work without any plans.

    Obviously we were quite frustrated with the start to the project which was only added to when we waited in until early afternoon one day soon after only to find out, after contacting the builder ourselves, that he wasn't coming on that day.

    Because the builder had no plans or instructions, we were also unaware of what was supposed to be happening about our drainage. As a result, we agreed to leave that for the time being until this was sorted out. This was a mistake because 2 months later we had to make contact several times to get this done. This was despite the surveyor visiting, picking up on this and telling us he would get it arranged.

    The fitters of the windows and roof were very quick and looked impressive. However, this was probably the cause of several problems we encountered with leaking and incorrectly fitted gutters. However, all faults were eventually corrected after 3 or more visits.

    5 Star provide a good product that we are now happy with. It is a shame that they let themselves down with poor internal communication that left us very concerned throughout the project. We were disappointed at the overall service we received and because the project took 6 months to complete when we were originally told 10 to 12 weeks.

    28 Jan 2022

    More 3 star than 5 star

    Initial consultation was full of promise and the salesman worked well with us to realise our vision.
    The lead time after the initial base build was far longer than we had been led to believe. We were told initially 2 to 3 weeks the actual wait was 9 weeks. During this time the base was totally soaked with water as a result of being exposed to the elements, water was even rising up the breeze blocks.
    After final clean down there were several areas which needed rectifying. An example being the floor membrane was left untrimmed and the use of a sticky filler instead of proper plaster that didn't dry out properly when installing the sills.
    The main concern was the floor which had a groove in it ,together with crumbling by the doors. We believe this was due to the length of time the base was left open to the rain and bad weather over the winter months.
    We are pleased with the final conservatory but unfortunately disappointed with our overall experience .
    It has felt like a protracted build where five Star windows should have been a lot more Pro active paying attention to detail and unprompted communication.
    Stephen Lord
    24 Nov 2021

    Not So Great

    I had chosen this company over others because their product seemed superior. The service was uncoordinated (window fitters arrived but scaffolding had not been erected) and schedules were stretched and not adhered to. A window was fitted that was not according to requirements and later a reduction in payment was offered adding delays. The workmen were polite and worked hard and tried to leave the place clean but left me with a feeling that they will do the bare minimum possibly because they are not given all the details of the work required. The product is fine but the 20 year warranty offered with the initial contract turns out to be not exactly that(20 yrs unconditional).
    M Sahota
    07 Nov 2021

    Poor Customer Care

    We ordered a new front door and 2 windows and when it came to the installation, we were informed by the fitter that one of the frames was missing. Despite making numerous calls to the company, no update was forthcoming or more importantly, no apology. The emphasis was firmly on our part to find out what progress, if any, was being made. After 3 weeks and a visit to the store to enquire what was happening, an emergency order was made to replace the missing frame. The replacement frame was fitted and we were informed by the fitter that the original frame had appeared - no one at the company informed us of this, just the fitter. Whilst the work has been carried out to a reasonable standard, the customer service seems sadly lacking.
    June Bradley
    17 May 2021

    Good quality, problems dealt with effectively

    One window bought to replace a very old window in a bathroom. 
    Quite a long turnaround, but I understand this is industry standard - 5-6 weeks.
     Initial measurements were incorrect, so window did not fit when arrived. 
    Team remeasured and replaced window within a reasonable time frame. Very happy with the quality and look of the window now fitted, but a shame about the mistake and delay. Luckily didn’t cause too much inconvenience. 
    All in all, happy with window. 
    Alice Ferguson
    15 Apr 2021

    New Conservatory

    The end product is excellent, but the build process has been fraught with issues. Poor customer services, and the communication between all the various builders/installers and 5-Star and with us was appalling. There were too many problems and issues coupled with a lack of understanding of the importance of good customer relations.
    C Hollier
    01 Feb 2021

    Very good.

    Very good, big improvement. Cleaning on completion was rubbish and organisation not great.
    Steven Morris
    18 Jan 2021

    Phone contact was rubbish.

    Phone contact was rubbish. Promised to get back to you, but didn't. Didn't come back and plaster for three weeks. Which we had to sort out.
    Penny Howarth
    24 Sep 2020

    Overall good quality products and service

    Overall good quality products and service.
    Ian Tidmarsh