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    31 May 2023

    1 star windows.

    5 star. No way 1 star rubbish company came back 4 times and still couldent fit windows right what an embarrassment to other window company's. Stay away run run run
    Jason moss
    21 Mar 2023

    Don’t waste your money or time

    Don’t waste your time or money with this company.
    Their original promise of 4-6 weeks fitted windows and doors became 3 months of chasing the company at the end of which they demanded a 20% increase on the original contract without any changes to the specifications.
    Please also read their terms and conditions clause 3, which basically says, they can cancel your contract without any liability to them.
    My personal experience is that company is a real double glazing outfit!! That you should avoid.
    F Rafaty
    29 Jan 2023

    orangery with roof

    My orangery/extension with roof was a complete disaster from start to finish.
    The sales man didn't put everything down to match what he was telling me and his measurements were not to what I had asked. The drain surveyor couldn't get the drain lid off and told me I would have to get someone out myself to do it. My friend helped him in the end. He put camera down and found drain next door all ok to proceed. I got told I had to get my radiator removed before the builders could start. Builders wanted to start on a certain date I couldn't get some one to let them in and was told to leave my property open for them. No chance of that as I go to work early. Eventually they agreed to a later time. I had been told to get my own radiator removed and sealed off then got told the builders could get someone. Then when they arrived their person was off ill so I ended up having to get my own. Again having the problem of I couldn't be in as I work full time. Eventually the digging started and wham they hit a drain and broke the pipework. The drain that was supposed to be next door according to the surveyor. This caused me another expense. The base works seemed to be going well apart from the huge mess on my front and back garden, the pavement and also next doors flower bed. There was stuff thrown everywhere. I came home and cried every night. My neighbours started complaining. Panels of my fence were removed and just disguarded when there was nothing wrong with them. I had to fight to get these replaced at the end. They have been replaced but not with concrete posts as were there to begin with. When the walls started going up I noticed they were in the wrong place and not to the edge of my door there was a gap I insisted it was taken down and rebuilt. I was then called to ask if they could come and do the floor I said doesn't the roof need to go on first as it was horrendous rain. They agred and delayed the floor. then after weeks of waiting for the doors I was called to say the floor needs to go down before the roof and doors and I'd said I didn't want it done like that. I replied saying I had asked which goes down first and they had agreed not to do the floor. Nobody seemed to be taking control of the project and I was getting different messages of different people all the time. Floor got done, roof got put on and doors fitted. Door/roofers hadn't got it down to have patio doors taken out bless them they did it for me as I said it had been agreed. On looking at the floor there were gaps everywhere and one hole the size of a brick in one corner. The electrician came his instructions were for three big lights and three down lights by the door.My instructions were one centre light. I had to buy the light yet on my paperwork a light was provided. Wiring complete plasterers arrived again argument about what was to be plastered. They left the plugs open but plastered over the light wires and left no hole. Electrician had to measure and cut hole and then pull wires which had been tucked away by the plasterers. Three times a site inspection person was coming and never arrived. My friend turned up had days off work for this for nothing. An engineer came to clean up the site and fill the floor holes in. He was unable to wash the drive and clean the front as the weather was bad. When I mentioned this to the office I was told a clean up isn't normally included yet it was down on my schedule I hadn't asked for it. As I said nobody knew what anyone was doing. My grass is ruined in the back garden as they put insulation on it and left it through all the rain etc and other rubble and also some of my edging stones were taken out and just left. To be honest I was glad to see the back of the whole lot and signed to say finished. I am very disappointed in the work. When I first went about this build I was expecting a level floor with my existing one, edges of walls finished off and plastering where patio doors were. Nothing to this extent was done. I paid a lot of money for something that I have to spend a lot more on to get it finished. I have a friend who have had the same done but by a different company twice the size of my extension and paid half the price. I deserve some sort of compensation for the mess and stress it has caused me. My project will now have to remain unfinished for a while as I don't have the money to complete it. I will not be recommending 5 star to anybody in the future. And I've probably missed something off my list of complaints as there was so much.
    Tracey Wilson
    22 Jul 2022

    5 star by name, not by nature

    From the beginning of the process communication was relatively poor, but once fitting eventually began we were quite happy. For the first day that is. During the second day of fitting there was an issue with the front door, which we were sold as one of the best on the market and at a cost of over £4000. This then put a delay on our bay window being finished too and all of the interior work to put right plaster that had been damaged etc. No problem said the fitters,  we’ll be back tomorrow. The next morning arrived and one fitter arrived to collect his ladder and to tell us that they wouldn’t be completing the work and that they were now both on holiday that week. I then contacted 5 star windows and spoke to Andrew who assured me that someone would be round on the Monday to rectify these issues. From that date, it took approximately one month for the work to be completed and many different people from 5 star attending our property. Prior to the windows being completed, we were offered several amounts in compensation, ranging from £371-£1000 if we signed to say the job was completed. We rejected this offer. Eventually we were told that there was nothing more that could be done to make our bay window look better, so we admitted defeat and signed anyway. We were again told that we were entitled to compensation and were told someone would be in touch. A week later, we had heard nothing, so I made contact and was told they weren’t aware of this promise. We were eventually offered £250 by way of compensation, but told that we could not leave negative reviews if we accepted this. We have chosen not to accept the amount and to ensure that others are aware of the questionable service received from this company.
    Marie Coles
    27 Mar 2022

    Dissatisfied customer

    Job still not complete after 7 weeks.  Wrong glass in door, knocker omitted and door does not seal.  Window handles catching on frame.  Gap under windowsill not filled.  Would not recommend.
    Paul Collins
    02 Dec 2021

    Shocking service (edited)

    Had £11k of windows and doors fitted in February 2021 by 5 star. They lost 1 glass unit during fitting, some of the windows had hardware missing and some windows had wrong hardware fitted.
    The front door was scratched which was touched up and looked worse and 5 glass units were scratched removing adhesive labels. We had excuses for months while they fitted windows and doors for others. The repairs and replacements were finally finished in November 2021
    Phillip Smith
    02 Dec 2021

    Shocking service

    Had £11k of windows and doors fitted in February 2020 by 5 star. They lost 1 glass unit during fitting, some windows had hardware missing and some windows had the wrong hardware fitted.
    The front door was scratched which was touched up and looked worse and 5 glass units were scratched removing adhesive labels. We had excuses for months while they fitted windows and doors for others. The repairs and replacements were finally finished in November 2020.
    Phillip Smith
    20 May 2021

    1star quality and service

    Windows installed on 7th December 2020. The beading was appalling and the glass was scratched severely on 2 of the windows! One window didn’t open without catching! Very disappointed but it just got worse! Complaint made, after numerous emails, to no communication, to having the triple glazed glass in my windows replaced numerous times! Lied to by operations manager, very visible large fingerprints on the middle pane of glass after being told humans are not involved in the process of putting the sealed glass units together! Very miserable engineer (every time he came out) who is used as the person to rectify problems! No care given to customer dissatisfaction, brand new blinds damaged (they did replace them but not the point). The beading on the windows could not be fixed by 5Star or the manufacturer, that’s right 5star do NOT make the frames or the glass, they are manufactured elsewhere and transported, so disregard the sales pitch they make them! The beading now is just about acceptable but not what you expect from brand new 5star windows. It took an uncountable amount of attempts of the beading to be fitted! The kite marks on the glass on all three panes on all windows in different corners! Customer service absolutely horrendous! For this only to have been completed on 4th May 2021, some 5 months later! Oh not to mention the damage to 2 of the 3 frames from the amount of attempts to get the beading to fit, which we were provided with a minimal ‘goodwill’ gesture to compensate! My brand new windows which have been through more in the 5 months they have been in, than any window would ever go through in their normal life time! This is an honest review for others to make an informed decision whether to use 5star! I went to this company from their alleged reputation to be faced with the worse stressful 5 months. There is so much more that can be said with what went on, but this is an accurate summary! The only positive I can say is the triple glazing glass has made a considerable amount of difference to the noise levels! 
    Lisa Hornberger
    11 Mar 2021

    AWFUL !

    Terrible communication, rarely returned calls.
    Parts missing, brickwork incorrect, frame did not fit brickwork, glass did not fit frame
    work started on 2/7/20 and completed 21/1/21
    so I left was boarded up with ply for 5 months with poor security and major heat loss.
    kitchen flooded during heavy rain.
    Generally shoddy work, as a single pensioner I didn't feel like a valued customer.
    In their favour, Bi-fold doors are very good and invoices were super prompt.

    Andrew Partridge
    DoorsSolid RoofWindows