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Permaframe in Frome, Somerset have over 25 years experience in the design and installation of bespoke conservatories, orangeries, solid tiled roofs, replacement double glazing windows & doors throughout Somerset, including Bath, Taunton & Yeovil. We recognise that this investment in your home is important and we’d like to offer you our assurance that we will undertake the whole project, from beginning to end, with the utmost courtesy, professionalism and friendliness. We look forward to being of service.

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    14 Dec 2023

    Breach of contract

    They priced up the work, took the deposit, and told us they were not going to do the work 2 weeks before it was to start. They still have the deposit and don't communication. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone.
    Kerry Lewis
    11 Dec 2023

    Breach of contract and non-repayment of deposit

    I am writing this review to express my profound disappointment and frustration with Permaframe Ltd based on my recent experience. I had entered into a contract with them for the installation of a lean-to and replacement windows. Unfortunately, the entire process has been nothing short of a nightmare.
    First and foremost, Permaframe Ltd failed to adhere to the procedures outlined in our contract. From the very beginning, the representative was unable to utilize their software to accurately price the work, indicating a lack of competency and professionalism. This was a red flag that unfortunately set the tone for the entire project.
    The surveyor assigned to my project had been sent on another job and when they were asked what was going on, they could only fit me in a month later and even then, I had to chase them up to make happen. This unprofessional behaviour, especially as the winter season was approaching, has left me cold and angry.
    To make matters worse, despite my attempt to seek resolution and obtain a refund for the deposit, I have been met with a complete lack of response from Permaframe Ltd. This level of customer service is unacceptable, and it is evident that they have no regard for the well-being and satisfaction of their customers.
    Given the magnitude of the issues I have faced, I am now left with no choice but to involve my solicitor and pursue legal action through the small claims court to rectify this situation. It is disheartening to see a company that had a good reputation, neglect its contractual obligations, and leave a customer in such a situation.
    In conclusion, I strongly advise potential customers to think twice before engaging with Permaframe Ltd. My experience has been one of incompetence, unprofessionalism, and complete disregard for customer satisfaction. Save yourself the trouble and seek services elsewhere.
    George Christenson/Kerry Lewis
    20 May 2023

    Absolutely 10/10 here.

    I cannot rate Permaframe enough. From the off they were extremely professional, very prompt with correspondence, and customer service second-to-none.

    They aren't the cheapest, they even said that themselves, but the quality of their windows and doors is more than enough to justify spending that little bit more.

    Absolutely 10/10 here.
    Name Supplied
    25 Feb 2023

    Would Recommend.

    Had windows, doors and gutters. Had a small issue with the back door sticking, but it was sorted straight away. Would Recommend.
    N Smith
    20 Sep 2022

    Will definitely revisit Permaframe

    My wife and I recently requested a quote from Permaframe for the installation of an Orangery. We went straight to Permaframe as we had all our windows installed by them a few years ago. We dealt with Ian Holloway which I must say was a refreshing experience, Ian was very knowledgeable and professional and at no time did we feel that we were under any pressure. Ian did several quotes to our exact specifications including detailed drawings. Unfortunately we were not able to move forward with our plans straight away, but will definitely revisit Permaframe when in a better position.
    S Barker
    25 Aug 2022

    Would Highly recommend Permaframe.

    The sales staff are friendly, not pushy. The installers, very professional and courteous. I know lots of people that have used Permaframe and are very happy.
    N Jones
    25 May 2022

    Super happy customer with the fanciest windows on the street.

    I've recently had all my windows and a door replaced by Permaframe. Steve and Troy were lovely, helpful and I felt comfortable with them being in my home when I wasn't there. Whilst the time from booking to installation took slightly longer than first anticipated, this was communicated to me efficiently, and it was easy to get in touch with someone if needed, responses were always prompt. Super happy customer with the fanciest windows on the street. Thanks!
    N Hill
    25 Apr 2021

    What a terrific experience!

    Everything about our experience with the Permaframe shop in Frome was easy and enjoyable. The show room really allows you to get a feel for the products and the sales team were knowledgeable and not at all pushy. The quotation was very quick and easy to adjust once we knew the ball park figure. The measuring appointment was carried out on time and professionally. The fitting of the windows was superb. I went to work each morning and each evening I came home to perfectly fitted windows and a pristinely clean house. On the day the fitters finished you would honestly not know that they had been there... except, of course, for the lovely new windows! We have had the windows for a year now. There have been absolutely no issues. Everything works perfectly. We used to hate the exterior view of our house but the new windows have really improved the appearance of the house and the way we feel about it. Being stuck in lockdown for months at a time would have driven me mad if I had been looking at our old windows but the new windows make me smile every time I sit in the garden and look back at the house. Even better than all of that, is the difference the new Permaframe windows have made to the warmth of our house. There are no drafts and even in the winter we barely turn on the heating because the windows are so efficient. I cannot recommend Permaframe highly enough.
    C Bettesworth
    19 Feb 2020

    Efficient throughout and we are very pleased with...

    Efficient throughout and we are very pleased with it.
    Madeline Dossor
    19 Feb 2020

    Fantastic service. Quick efficient and friendly

    Fantastic service. Quick efficient and friendly.
    Maureen Anderson
    03 Dec 2019

    One person was quite surly about replacing an...

    One person was quite surly about replacing an unsightly joint (discussed with Richard Smith)
    Trevor Johnson
    07 Oct 2019

    Whilst there were one or two issues that were...

    Whilst there were one or two issues that were outside Richards control we consider the product to be excellent. Everyone involved on the build and installation were polite throughout and we never heard inappropriate language. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Permaframe to others. In our view the product is far superior to others we looked at before choosing Permaframe
    Michael Bond