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    08 Jul 2021

    Installation of velux windows in roof

    Happy with the communication during the initial permit application and project development phase which by the way happened when the COVID-19 crisis started. Reactive people and oriented towards client needs.
     As for the installation phase communication quality decreased a bit with the installation manager taking over. Also the phasing of the execution phase was not optimal:

    - Scaffolding once installed looked too low for accessing the roof. I communicated that to the installation manager prior to the start of the works. No reply. However scaffolding height had to be rectified on the go when the works started. Was this the cause of delay so that the velux windows could not be installed as per my approved configuration (see further below) ? I will never know. 
    -Installation of 3 x velux windows and associated rafters in only 2 days. Time wise absolutely spot on. Good communication with the joiners/builders. Nice, professional people.
    - However final installation was different from the approved drawings. I should have known this first hand. Otherwise Bon Accord should have taken the time to execute the project accurately or to communicate much earlier that our suitable design was not feasible. What it is is that the location of the windows and the spacing in between does not match our design which was reflected in the drawings. 
    - Works completed on a Tuesday. Scaffolding was removed the following Monday. Too much delay between the two. Scaffolding was sitting in front of my door for days with some potential for hurting people.
    - Plastering of the walls started on the following Tuesday. That is 4 working days lost following the completion of the external works. Too much delay between the two. The plasterer should have come right after the veluxes were installed. Also the plasterer needed 4 days (short duration sessions) to complete the work. I think that this could have been reduced to 2 days maximum if completion at the earliest would have been the priority.

    So my final word is that I am happy with the quality of the installation (I will see when the bad weather comes how the installation performs though). I am not so happy with the final configuration not being the one I´ve had approved months earlier, the quality of communication during the installation phase and the installation sequence. I would recommend Bon Accord Glass for the quality of the tradesmen, not so much for the management of the installation and the installation sequence which I think was poor and I would live the skimming/ plastering scope for someone else to do. I guess it is very hard to find someone that keeps you 100% satisfied but I know that it is somewhere out there.
    Daniel Martinez Padrino
    04 Nov 2020

    Pleased with the windows.

    However communication was very poor from the start we always had to chase them for information. We had no shows and job half finished and we had to chase and get answers regarding what was happening. A pity because the windows look great but we did not need the extra stress chasing up all the time.
    Colin Burney